We offer the following services for businesses and individuals: Consultation/Advice and Visa Application. In some cases, it might be necessary to lodge a Sponsorship/Nomination Application, Skills Assessment or Expression of Interest (EOI). We also apply for reviews with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

How we proceed:

Step 1: Consultation/Advice (including over the phone or Skype) where we understand clients’ circumstances and objectives and outline what visa suits them and why, if any. At the end of the Consultation, the client should have a good understanding of the following:

  • What visa class and subclass the client (or worker, if you are business) is eligible to, if any
  • Visa application fees
  • Sponsorship/nomination fees
  • Estimate of other fees that may apply
  • Our fees (Target Migration Agency)
  • How long it usually takes for the visa (and sponsorship/nomination, if necessary) to be processed
  • What needs to be done before applying for the visa
  • Conditions that may be imposed on the visa
  • What the visa lets the client do and for how long
  • Other relevant information
  • If the client is eligible to more than one visa, we cover all of the above topics for each visa, along with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Step 2: Eventually, the client might sign a contract, instructing us to represent him/her/it on an application.

Our clients’ information is treated with absolute confidentiality, unless otherwise required by law.

Information contained in this website, which is a mere summary of Immigration Law, might contain inaccuracies and/or become outdated as the law undergoes changes. Therefore, we discourage anyone to make any applications based on information contained in this website and we disclaim any liability for the content (or lack of) of this website. Proper advice is only given once the client has engaged us for a consultation.

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Testimonial: C P - Working Visa:

“Sergio, I am deeply grateful to you. You left me with a very good impression of the service provided, as you managed to overcome all my expectations as a client, especially considering the difficulties surrounding my case."

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